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Our Acidifying Ocean

Content design: Jason Hodin, Pam Miller, GĂ©raldine Fauville, Nicole Harris, Cheyenne Palmo & Holly Keedy

Media developer: Jason Hodin

Interactive Design & Technical lead: David Cohn

Acidification model source: CO2SYS (Pierrot, Lewis & Wallace. 2006. Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center, ORNL, US DOE, Oak Ridge, TN, USA)

Emissions Scenarios: SRES, IPCC Fourth Assessment Report.

Original sea urchin larval data: Sam Dupont & Michael Thorndyke

Funding: NOAA, NSF, WGLN

Special thanks: Bruno Vellutini, the I2SEA team, the Alliance for Climate Education (ACE), Meg Chadsey & Karen Matsumoto

Cover image: Sean O'Flaherty (Creative Commons share alike license 2.5), modified from the original.