Previous events

Winter 2017:

  • Movie: Hidden Figures
  • Discussion: CODE: Debugging the Gender Gap

Fall 2016:

    • Welcome event: board games and beer at Cafe Mox

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Summer 2016:

  • Picnic in Woodland Park

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Spring 2016:

  • Spring discussion: Perception bias: male biology students consistently underestimate female peers, Dan Grunspan, UW Department of Anthropology.
  • Outreach event: Seattle Expanding Your Horizons

Winter 2016:

  • Workshop: General Exam Prep Q&A for current second-years
  • Pop-up journal club; Lander, E. The Heroes of CRISPR. Cell, 2016.

Fall 2015:

    • Welcome event: board games and beer at Cafe Mox

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  • Pop-up journal clubs:
    • Nielsen, M. W. Make academic job advertisements fair to all. Nature, 2015.
    • Van der Lee and Ellemers. Gender contributes to personal research funding success in The Netherlands. PNAS, 2015.
  • Fall discussion: Bias in Peer Review, Carole Lee, UW Philosophy department
  • Lunch with Carole Lee

Summer 2015:

  • End-of-Year Wine and Cheese Social

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  • Picnic in Gas Works Park

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Spring 2015:

  • March journal club: Sheltzer, J.M. and Smith, J.C. Elite male faculty in the life sciences employ fewer women. PNAS, 2014
  • Spring discussion: Why have women entered some STEM fields more than others? – Dr. Sapna Cheryan, University of Washington, Department of Psychology
  • April journal club: Williams, W.M. and Ceci, S.J.  National hiring experiments reveal 2:1 faculty preference for women on STEM tenure track. PNAS, 2015
  • WiGS brunch at Portage Bay Cafe
  • Workshop: Prize-winning Posters – Dr. Ivan Liachko, Dunham Lab, University of Washington

Winter 2014:

  • Workshop: General Exam Q&A for second-year Genome Sciences graduate students
  • Happy New Year Happy Hour at Shultzy’s in the University District
  • Winter industry spotlight: Michael Senko, Thermo Fisher Scientific
  • January journal club: Leslie et al.  Expectations of brilliance underlie gender distributions across academic disciplines.  Science, January 21, 2015.
  • February journal club: Ely, RJ. Rethink what you know about high-achieving women. Harvard Business Review, December 2014.

Fall 2014:

  • Welcome event: bocce, beer, and brats at Rhein Haus
  • Annual seminar speaker: Dr. Hopi Hoekstra, Harvard University
  • Fall industry spotlight: Julie Granka, AncestryDNA

Summer 2014:

  • Summer discussion: Dr. Ohad Manor, Inside the PI Predictor — Borenstein Lab, University of Washington
  • Annual BBQ in Ravenna Park

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Spring 2014:

  • Seattle Expanding Your Horizons workshop The Genetics of Taste


Previous seminar speakers:

Previous career panelists:

  • Dr. Michael Senko, 2015, Thermo Fisher Scientific
  • Dr. Julie Granka, 2014, AncestryDNA
  • Dr. Becket Feierbach, 2012, Genentech Inc. (now at Gilead Sciences)
  • Jennifer Ouellette, science writer
  • Dr. Cynthia Morton, AJHG editor

Previous discussion panelists: