Videographer opportunity for one-time project

Seeking Videographer and Skilled Video Editor for Obamacare “Commercial”
A group of WA state grassroots activists have raised funds to help people enroll in health insurance during the shortened enrollment period which ends 12/15/17 (in most states).
We need a skilled videographer and editor to film a couple of people sharing tips on how to enroll, but most importantly, need someone talented at creating graphics, infographics and/or cartoon images, clever captioning to keep audience engaged and learning throughout the roughly 5 minute “info-mercial” for Obamacare.
TIGHT deadline.
We have sizable budget and payment is dependent upon experience and ability to get it done quickly.
For more information and to apply, please send send email cover letter and portfolio to – you must include at least 4-5 professional looking videos.
You can review our project at