Call For Work | UW Recycling

How to Submit

Participants must fill out the following form for submission by March 25, 2020
at 4:00pm:

Submission must include: artist name, medium, piece name, and a brief
description of the art piece.

Art piece must be brought to the UW Recycling office (3900 7th AVE NE,
Seattle, WA, 98195) by March 25, 2020 by 4:00pm.

Contest Rules

Submissions that do not meet these requirements will not be considered.
• Artist must be a current UW student or staff member
• The art piece must be composed of a majority of recycled, salvaged or
collected litter materials
• The art piece can be an individual or group project
• Each participant may contribute to only one art project submission,
whether it is a group project or individual submission
• The piece must fit within a 2 ft footprint (2’x2’x2’)
• The piece may be smaller than this, but not larger
• All projects should be safe to handle (no sharp objects, hazards, etc.) along
with being socially and culturally appropriate

For more information on submission criteria, click here.