Victory Heights Public Art Opportunity

Victory Heights Public Art Opportunity

Calling all artists!

The neighborhood of Victory Heights, in collaboration with the Victory Heights Community Council, Seattle Department of Transportation, the Seattle Parks Foundation, and the Seattle Neighborhood Matching Fund, is looking to grow the beauty and identity of our neighborhood through the addition of local artists’ works to our myriad signal and utility boxes.

Why Are We Doing This?

Utility boxes are common elements of streetscapes and provide essential electrical and communication services to our communities. By covering these permanent, nondescript elements of our cityscape with artwork, we can create a
more interesting pedestrian and commuter experience, strengthen our community’s identity, and deter graffiti. We have the opportunity to publicly celebrate the incredible creative talent of Seattle that is at the heart of our culture, as well as elevate the visibility of the icons – both natural and built – that give us pride and hope as Seattle citizens.

Beyond the day-to-day vibrancy that this artwork will promote within our neighborhood, the impending opening of the Northgate Link Extension station has the opportunity to welcome new populations into our neighborhoods and local businesses. We want to welcome these fellow Seattleites with open arms, a clear neighborhood identity, and with the intrigue of local, soon-to-be iconic artworks.

How Are We Doing This?

Victory Heights will be forming a citizen committee to help:
1. Define an artistic vision for the signal boxes;
2. Select finalist artists from the pool of applications;
3. Assist in the cleaning of dirt, graffiti, gum, and posters from the boxes;
4. Extend the life of the art after its completion, which may include neighborhood art walks, artist talks, and other community engagements.

We are currently gathering funding to pay each artist $500 per design. As they can last up to ten years and are easier to clean graffiti off of, we will be seeking to apply these artworks in the medium of digitally-designed vinyl wraps.

How to Be Considered

We’d love for your art to become an iconic hallmark of Victory Heights! If you would like your creative talents to be considered, please submit:
• A cover sheet with your name, phone number, email address, art-related Instagram, and a link or attachment to your portfolio;
• Up to 300 words describing your artistic vision and style;
• Up to 200 words describing why you would like to participate in this project;
• One page listing your exhibition history, past projects, and/or experience with cooperative community-driven projects, if not already addressed in your portfolio.

As these works will be printed in vinyl wrap, applicants must be proficient in Adobe Illustrator or equivalent. Please submit these materials to by midnight on August 9, 2020.

How to Get Involved

The Victory Heights citizen committee will evaluate applications based on:
o Artistic quality exemplified in previous work;
o Ability to think and work in the venue of outdoor public work;
o Ability to relate to multiple audiences in their work;
o Ability to collaborate on community projects such as this.

The committee will then select finalists based on these criteria, and solicit votes from Victory Heights residents through an online poll. All applicants will be notified by August 23, 2020 regarding the results. Significant and respectful time will be allotted for the selected artists to design their works, and installation of the artwork will vary depending on the completion of cleaning signal boxes,
cooperation of the weather, final approval from the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT), and the release of funds from the Seattle Neighborhood Matching Fund.

Please contact with questions, and we look forward to reviewing yoursubmissions!