UW Mentor Power For Success – Now Accepting Applications

Mentor Power For Success is now accepting applications! 
The Mentor Power for Success Program is a dynamic autumn quarter partnership between first-year Office of Minority Affairs & Diversity (OMA&D) students (protégés) and continuing UW students (mentors), to help protégés make a successful transition to university life. Mentor students use their knowledge of UW resources and services to guide protégés as they navigate the breadth of what the university has to offer.
We are currently looking for:
Program Leads: Students willing to create and motivate small Teams of mentor and protégés. Students should also be interested in creating virtual community gatherings. Program Leads should be graduate students. Students selected as Program Leads will receive a $400 stipend. Applications Due: August 20th. 
Mentors: Students willing to help their protégé navigate the educational school system and facilitate their protégé’s academic and holistic development. Mentors should be returning UW students in good academic standing. Students selected as Mentors are eligible for 1-3 units of elective credit.Applications Due: September 2nd.