Social Justice Summer Internship Program

Social Justice Summer Internship Program

Write 253 – Literary Arts and Letterpress Intern



Mission Statement: The Center for Equity and Inclusion enhances the holistic education of all students by supporting the success of historically marginalized groups, empowering community members to engage difference toward justice, and building a more equitable campus.


Internship Program Description

Social Justice Summer Interns will work at a community partner in one of the following roles: Peace Community Center Marketing Intern, Peace Community Center Education Intern, Hilltop Action Coalition Community Organizing Intern, Asia Pacific Cultural Center Community Outreach Intern, Write 253 Literary Arts and Letterpress Intern.

Social Justice Summer interns must be students enrolled at UWT in Spring 2022 and who plan to enroll again in Fall 2022. Interns commit to an eight-week internship over the summer.


• Attend a one-day Social Justice Summer Internship orientation the week of June 27 – July 1, 2022.

• Work approximately 30 hours per week at their internship site.

• Be punctual and professional in fulfilling internship duties and requirements as designed by the on-site supervisor.

• Attend weekly two-hour meetings on Friday mornings with other interns and CEI staff for reflection and professional development.

• Attend an end-of-summer celebration with CEI staff and community partners.


• Earn $4,000 for the eight-week internship, to be paid in $2,000 installments after weeks 4 and 8.

• Gain skills in self-reflection, social justice, and specific job duties related to internship placement.

Apply via Handshake (search for Write 253 Literary Arts and Letterpress Intern – 6485681).