UW CIRCLE – seeks Student Ambassador Volunteers

Are you interested in engaging in a cross-cultural dialogue? Do you see yourself working in a global setting in the future? Do you like to travel and learn about other cultures? If your answer is yes to any of the questions, you should become a CIRCLE Ambassador! As a CIRCLE Ambassador, you will be able to meet fellow Huskies from around the world. This is a great opportunity to develop your cross-cultural communication skills, and to engage in cross-cultural dialogue in a safe space.

The Center for International Relations & Cultural Leadership Exchange (CIRCLE) brings together international students and those from the U.S. for forging community, offering support, providing leadership experiences and more. Come and join CIRCLE to welcome new international Huskies to the campus and support building a global community on campus.

We need volunteers for the 2022 Fall International Students welcome events and ongoing programs. All UW students (including U.S. AND international students) are welcomed! Click HERE to apply!