Five Ply Design seeks Entry Level Fabricator + Maker + Assembler

Five Ply Design is a design and manufacturing studio based in Seattle, WA. We work on a variety of product, furniture, architecture, interiors and graphic design projects – all at the same time. We are designers and makers. We work with pencils and paper, with computers and digital manufacturing; in our studio and in our fabrication shop. We work with our minds first, our hearts second and with our hands always. We are clean and dirty depending on the type of work that needs to be done. We take design very seriously but we have fun doing it.

Five Ply Design is looking for additional staff in our shop and we are in search of an intern fabricator to help us make the magic happen. We are looking for a smart, savvy and motivated professional to join our team who will work side by side with our small design and fabrication staff to increase our production and further develop the studio as a whole. We are willing and able to train you so that you can complete your tasks successfully and completely. You will be expected to work between six to eight hours per week in either a one day or two day block of time. Depending on the tasks assigned and workload, you may work less or more hours.

– good with your hands
– willing to learn
– curious
– thoughtful
– focused
– passionate about design

– the ability to communicate clearly and thoughtfully
– the ability to ask questions and listen to the answers
– the ability to self-direct, prioritize and multi-task
– the ability to be critical of the details
– the ability to bring your A game to work, every day
– the ability to work in a wood shop environment- dust, noise
– the ability to use Adobe Illustrator- both MacOS and PC
– the ability to put your phone away while working

– working knowledge of Universal Laser Systems OS
– working knowledge of VCarve Pro
– ability to make a good pot of coffee in the morning

– working extensively with your hands
– making real things, for real consumers and clients
– operating digital equipment in the studio- laser cutters, CNC, Mac & PC OS
– operating analog equipment in the shop- sanders, cutters
– working individually and collaboratively to get things done
– contributing to the design process whenever possible
– getting your hands dirty, while keeping your work clean

-1099 independent contractor position -this is not a full-time or salaried position.
– hourly rate will be based on experience / skill set.
– initial two month “trial period” to see if we work well together. If we both like it, longer terms will be considered with adjustments being made based on your performance and skill set demonstrated during the trial period.

tell us who you are and knock our socks off:
no phone calls, really