Share your thoughts about disability accommodations

All students are encouraged to take the survey, even if they do not use or want accommodations. A UW Disability Studies student is looking for volunteers to take a survey about the perceptions of accommodations and the services offered by UW Disability Resources for Students (DRS). Survey responses will be used to better understand accessibility and accommodations on campus. The survey can be taken in written form, or you can request a virtual interview. Responses will remain anonymous where possible.

Project Title: Perspectives of Accommodations at the University of Washington

You qualify to take this survey if you are:

  • A student, instructor, or DRS Coordinator at UW
  • Someone who works or studies at least part-time.
  • Over the age of 18

If you decide to participate, the survey is 16 questions long, with an optional 12 question demographic survey. All questions will have the option not to answer. There is no compensation for taking this survey.

Taking this survey will help us understand the barriers to communication between students who want accommodations, and the faculty and staff who provide accommodations. It will also help us understand how to address the needs of under-served groups in the future. We are particularly interested in learning about how external factors, like healthcare or income disparities, keep students from getting accommodations. The data collected may also be used to determine what minor accommodations might be useful for improving instruction more generally.

Take the survey now at:


If you want to schedule an interview, or have any questions, please contact Ameli Cyr (Xe/They/She) at