Program 研讨会内容

Activities & Topics 活动与主题:

Presentations and project site tours for Chinese professionals by policy and technical experts in regional, county and city government and the private sector, including:


  • Growth management and urban-rural coordinated development
  • 增长控制和城乡协调发展
  • Low impact development technology and ordinances, carbon neutral zones
  • 低密度开发技术与导则,碳中和区
  • Green building ordinances and technology, the LEED certification system, the Living Building Challenge
  • 绿色建筑技术与导则,LEED 认证系统,生态建筑挑战
  • Urban agriculture
  • 都市农业
  • Floodplain, watershed and stormwater management
  • 漫滩,分水岭,雨水管理
  • Historic preservation and adaptive re-use.
  • 历史保存与再利用

Presentations by UW China Studies faculty for American professionals on the background of Chinese urban and regional development, including:


  • Overviews of Chinese national government and developmental policy
  • 中国发展政策综述
  • Urbanization in historical perspective
  • 城市化进程
  • Rural development and ecology
  • 乡镇发展与生态
  • Politics and law of environmentalism and technical transfer
  • 政治,环境法律及技术转移
  • Local government, finance & property rights
  • 地方政府,金融&产权
  • Urban and transportation planning & design
  • 城市和交通规划设计

Sessions and Special Dinner Talk at the annual conference of the Washington Chapter of the American Planning Association on lessons and opportunities from trans-Pacific practice for sustainable development and/or global applicability of WA experience, featuring specific projects in the US and in China.


A planning and design charrette at the University of Washington assisted by students in planning, architecture and landscape architecture, in which Chinese participants will brainstorm solutions for one or more Seattle-area projects, while Seattle-area participants will do the same for projects brought by the Chinese participants.


Schedule 日程:

Date 日期 Activity 活动
Day 1第一天 10/10 AM Welcome & Intro 欢迎仪式
PM China Studies Lectures to US participants 致美方来宾有关中国研究的讲座
Local Orientation for China Participants 中方来宾参观
Joint Gala Reception 联谊盛会
Day 2 第二天10/11 AM Tour Seattle Sites 西雅图场地参观
PM Tour  Olympia Capitol and Water Education Center, and Take Part in APA WA conference 参观奥林匹亚国会和教育中心,参加APA华州年会
Special sessions for Workshop participants 研讨会专题
Reception with all Conference Attendees 接待APA年会参会者
Joint Workshop-Conference Dinner Talk 研讨会与APA年会联谊
Day 3 第三天10/12 AM Tour(s) to charrette site(s); Microsoft 参观设计方案研讨会所选的项目场地;微软公司
PM Charrette 设计方案研讨会
Day 4 第四天10/13 AM Charrette 设计方案研讨会
PM Charrette results presentation and discussion 设计方案反馈


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