1. Ensure that all personnel are complying with physical distancing, PPE and personal hygiene recommendations.
  2. Remember to submit IACUC protocol amendments if changes to study design are needed and review these changes with all staff members!

The Animal Use Training Program at the University of Washington is dedicated to advancing knowledge and improving the health and well being of humans and animals through the humane and ethical use of animals in biomedical research.

The privilege of conducting research using animal subjects at the UW requires adherence to federal regulations and the University's policies governing the humane care and use of laboratory animals. One of the federal regulations requires assurance that individuals involved in the care and use of animals in research, teaching and testing, be qualified to perform their duties. To that end, the UW's Office of Animal Welfare (OAW) Animal Use Training Program must provide appropriate training and instruction to all individuals working with animals. As part of the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) protocol review process, the IACUC must ensure that personnel are qualified to perform the proposed animal procedures. Animal Use Training Session (AUTS) attendees can be certified (as required by the IACUC) to perform certain euthanasia, injection and bleeding techniques.

This site has been developed in order to assist you in determining the courses available to you, prerequisites for courses, and which courses you might be required to take in order to work with animals at the University of Washington. Once the proper training has been determined, you can complete online classes, review schedules for our in-person classes, and download necessary forms. Valuable training resources and links are also provided.