Frequently Asked Questions

Are in-person classes still occurring?
Yes, in-person classes are still occurring though they are limited in availability and in attendee-size. There are also new safety requirements in place. Currently, once we receive a training request, the requestor is placed on the waitlist for that course if there is no availability for that course in the near future.
How long is the waitlist?
It depends on the course, and there is no guarantee. From the date of the request received and confirmed, we estimate the Rodent Hands-on classes range from 2-5 weeks. Facility orientations range from 1-3 weeks. Surgery training classes have a longer waitlist, and is currently 1-2 months of a wait. Other species hands-on classes range from 2-5 weeks. All remote classes (Lab-Managed courses) are held every 2-3 weeks.
How do I get on the waitlist?
After completing all pre-requisites of online training, submit your registration form. For facility orientations, you must also be approved on the protocol. For surgery classes, the surgery must be approved on the protocol. Any incomplete training or protocol approvals can delay your wait time further!
Can I see the scheduling options?
At this point in time, scheduling options are unavailable for public to see. We internally manage what days and times would be offered to attendees according to the course and techniques/procedures requested. We will try to contact you within 1-2 weeks after your submission form is received with a scheduling option; however, longer waitlists may prolong the wait time to receive a scheduling option.
What if I need to be approved on a protocol but I am placed on the waitlist for the Hands-On Training?
As long as your online pre-requisites are completed and your registration form is submitted, we will add the rodent hands-on lab training to your records with an expiration date, meaning that it is deferred and should be completed by that expiration date. Once your deferred training is entered in HoverBoard records, the amendment to approve you on the protocol can proceed with processing.
*NOTE: Deferred training allows you to be approved on the protocol, but you CANNOT handle the animals until your hands-on training is completed!*
What if I feel sick and my class is scheduled?
Do not risk it! Please let us know sooner than later so we can fill your spot. We can reschedule you for a future class (at the very least 2 weeks later), no fees incurred. Again, we ask that you please give us notice as these classes are limited and the instructors set up a few hours prior to the class. We try to fill in cancellations when possible!
What are the safety precautions that AUTS is taking to prevent the spread of COVID-19?

Your safety, the animals' safety, and the instructors' safety is top priority during this time.

  • Every person that comes on to campus must complete the COVID-19 Attestation Form on Workday (paper forms available for those without Workday access).
  • Instructors and attendees must use the PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). A surgical mask, face shield, gown, and gloves are provided at no cost for attendees.
  • Instructors and attendees must respect and maintain proper hygiene and the 6-foot distance rule.
  • Instructors are implementing additional disinfecting practices on spaces and surfaces before and after training sessions.
  • Classes have been reduced in size: Rodent hands-on classes now allow 2 attendees per session. All other in-person classes only allow 1 attendee per session.
  • Everyone must respect and follow the maximum occupancy in the lab rooms and locker rooms.
  • Attendees for surgery and anesthesia certifications must provide and prepare the Instructor with the lab's guidelines for the certification location.
I am a new employee, where do I begin?
Please see our Training Requirements page.
How do I register for an in-person training class?
You can register for the class by downloading and completing the applicable Animal Use Training Registration form. The forms are available on the Forms page. Submit the completed form as an email attachment to After your request has been processed, you will be sent an e-mail confirmation indicating the class(es) for which you are registered, followed by a reminder email indicating the class location and other class information.
How do I complete an online training class?
Go to the Online Courses page and click the link titled "Click Here to Log-on ". You will be prompted to log-on with your UW Net ID.
What is my login for completing online courses?
Your login for completing online courses is your UW Net ID. If you are non-university personnel and do not have a UW Net ID, please contact us at
How do I cancel my class registration?
Please email cancelation requests to the Training Program at within 24 hours of the class. Note that there is a re-registration fee for persons who do not cancel 24 hours in advance (unless sick). We do ask that you provide ample notice so we can fill your spot with another attendee.
How can I switch class times after I have already registered?
Please contact the Training Program at to adjust your registration.
How do I view my training history?
You can view your complete training history either in HoverBoard or My Research Training Transcript. Online training history can also be viewed on the Animal Use Training Program website.
How do I gain access to the Department of Comparative Medicine facility where my animals are housed?
You will need to complete the facility orientation for the facility that you need access to. Please visit the Training Requirements page of this website for more information and prerequisites.
How do I obtain an access card for the Health Sciences and Foege Buildings?
Access cards are issued by your department's "Building Access Coordinator". Please visit the Health Sciences Building Management website for more information.
How do I obtain an access card for the South Lake Union (SLU) Buildings?
The SLU Access Card Request Form must be signed by your PI and submitted to SLU Reception Services. If your PI is not located at SLU, the AUTS instructor can sign off on the card request form during your facility orientation (please contact for more information and remember to bring your photo ID to class).
Do I need to have an access card before signing up for the facility orientation?
No, but you will not have access to the facility until you have been issued a card.
What is the PIN?
The PIN is necessary for card access to the 6th floor and T-wing facilities after hours. Additionally, the Foege, ARC, and HR&T facilities use the PIN for animal room access. The PIN can be any 4 digits of your choosing.
How do I obtain a key to my animal housing room?
Please contact your facility supervisor.
My access to the facility is no longer working. What's the problem?
Please contact the Training Program at to discuss your situation.
Is there a fee for any of the Animal Use Training Program classes?
University personnel and others working on UW IACUC protocols are not charged to attend classes; however, expenses are incurred even in the registrant's absence and therefore a charge of $48.55 will be levied for persons who fail to attend a session if they have not cancelled 24 hours in advance.
*NOTE: If paying by check or money order, the fee increases to $57.58.

Non-University personnel working on Non-UW protocols are currently charged $68.79 to attend Mouse Lab and $85.39 to attend Rat Lab, which includes an 18.6% institutional overhead fee. A re-registration fee of $57.58 will be levied for persons who fail to cancel 24 hours in advance. A Billing Intake Form is required at the time of registration.
If you have any questions about the billing process, please email