Bunchgrass Ridge

Ecology and restoration of conifer-invaded meadows:
Research and adaptive management

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2. Vegetation responses to conifer encroachment
Study area
1. Conifer invasion
2. Vegetation responses
A. Effects of conifer encroachment
B. Effects of tree age & species
C. Seed bank composition
3. Gopher disturbance
4. Restoration experiment
Key findings
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We have devoted several retrospective, or chronosequence studies to understanding the nature and pace of vegetation change as conifers have invaded meadows at Bunchgrass Ridge.

Two of these studies were conducted in the same plots used previously to reconstruct tree invasion history and subsequently for the restoration experiment. By linking retrospective with experimental studies, we are able to assess how the history of vegetation change—including the duration of tree influence—may affect the potential for meadow restoration.

Effects of conifer invasion
Vegetation responses to conifer invasion
Sharp transition between meadow species (foreground) and forest understory (background) species under grand fir.