The following are several movies of dorsal follicle cell migrations. These migrations, coupled with secretion of eggshell proteins, are responsible for the formation of the dorsal respiratory appendages.

This movie shows a time lapse of the development of a wild-type Drosophila melanogaster egg chamber. It expresses GFP-Moesin to label all follicle cells. The egg chamber was cultured and imaged from stage 10B-12 (eight hours). The movie illustrates how dorsal-appendage-forming cells elongate, then tubes form and move anterior. The roof cells constrict apically.

Timelapse of a cultured bullwinkle mutant egg chamber of Drosophila melanogaster. All follicle cells are labeled with GFP-Moesin. The bullwinkle mutant egg chambers undergo defective anterior extension and the tube primordia have aberrant lumen shape.

Confocal Z-series of an early stage 11 wild-type egg chamber of D. melanogaster, fixed and stained for Broad (blue, labels roof cells), rhomboid-LacZ (red, labels floor cells), and E-Cadherin (green, labels all follicle cell membranes). Note the constricted apices of roof cells and the floor cells elongating under them.

A wild-type egg chamber of Drosophila melanogaster, stage 12, expressing GFP-Moesin. Reslicing the confocal data demonstrates that roof follicle cells are arranged in a monolayer.

Follow a developing Drosophila egg chamber through the process of dorsal follicle cell migration. This is a lateral (side) view, so you can see only one of the two populations of migrating follicle cells. Timelapse confocal microscopy was used to capture these follicle cells in motion. The cells can be visualized because they are expressing the GFP-moesin fusion protein.

Lateral view of a developing Drosopila egg chamber, followed by a Z-series (a series of images taken at changing depth increments) to focus on a different optical section of the egg chamber. Finally, the continuing development of the same egg chamber is shown in a different plane.

Dorsal lateral view of migrating follicle cells. This movie shows three Z-series at three different time points during the migration.

Close-up of the migrating Drosophila dorsal follicle cells. Note the dramatic movements of the cells at the tip of the forming appendage.