Fly stocks for Teachers

The Berg Lab provides wild-type and mutant fly stocks for Washington state teachers to use in their classrooms. Please try to notify us at least two weeks prior to needing the flies. We will mail you a stock with flies to propagate. We do not send out virgin flies. Contact us if you are interested.

Fly stocks available

Wild type
Canton-S: Calvin Bridges established the Canton-Special (Canton-S) stock from wild flies collected from Canton, Ohio in the 1920s.
The stock has been used as a wild-type control in many Drosophila labs ever since.

Eye color mutations
w, white: X-linked recessive, white eye color.
st, scarlet: third chromosome recessive; neon-bright eye color

Body color mutations
e, ebony: third chromosome recessive, black body color.
y, yellow: X-linked recessive, yellow body color.

Wing mutations
dp, dumpy: second chromosome recessive, wide wing with notch at the end.
vg, vestigial: second chromosome recessive, tiny crumpled wings.
CyO, Curly: second chromosome dominant, curly wings.

Other mutations:
B, bar: X-linked dominant eye marker. Gives the eye a kidney-like shape.