Funding Opportunities

Funding Opportunities for CEEH Members

There are three CEEH funding mechanisms available to help CEEH members, with support ranging from a few thousand dollars to $25,000. These mechanisms are described below.

Pilot Projects (up to $35,000 for one year)

The CEEH Pilot Research Project Program provides initial support for investigators to establish novel lines of research relevant to the missions of the NIEHS & CEEH. The program promotes exploration of possible innovative directions representing a significant departure from on-going funded research for investigators in environmental health sciences. Investigators from other areas of focus are also encouraged to apply their expertise to environmental health research.

CEEH pilot projects have provided data for numerous successful grant applications and resulted in a number of publications.

Pilot projects are awarded each year in April and funding is limited to 1 year for a maximum award of $35,000 (direct costs). For more information and a link to the current RFP, please visit out Pilot Projects Page.

Mini-Grant Program (up to $5,000 for 6 months)

Are you in need of some additional funding to help you carry out some necessary analysis that would greatly enhance your current or future R01 proposals? Did you know that the CEEH houses the Functional Genomics and Proteomics and Exposure Biomarkers and Metabolomics Service Cores that could help run your analysis?

  • For more information on services offered by the Functional Genomics & Proteomics Core please contact: Theo Bammler (, 206-616-7378)
  • For more information on services provided by the Exposure Assessment, Biomarkers & Metabolomics Core contact: Chris Simpson (, 206-543-3204)

Starting in November 2014, the CEEH has set-aside funds for three mini pilot grants ($3,000-$5,000 each) for short-term support to help you fulfill pressing research needs. In order to qualify, you must:

  • Be a current CEEH member (either EHS Core or CTS);
  • Have recently submitted or plan to submit an R01 proposal;
  • Need to gather additional data or further analyze existing data for a proposal;

If you meet these criteria, you may be eligible for up to $5,000 in “Mini Pilot” funds that can be used to subsidize staff or instrument time in our Center or other UW Cost Centers.

To apply for a Mini Pilot grant, please submit a summary of your research needs (maximum 2 pages) and a proposed budget. An internal CEEH advisory committee will review proposals and funds must be used within 6 months of the date of approval.

CLICK HERE TO VIEW a flyer for this funding opportunity (PDF, 318 KB).

Applications and questions should be directed to: Liz Guzy, CEEH Administrator, 206-685-5333.