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Center for Engineering Learning & Teaching

The Center for Engineering Learning & Teaching (CELT) is focused on two synergistic activities: research on engineering education and improving engineering teaching through instructional development. This dual-role structure is based on an awareness that a solid engineering education research base is needed to inform educators about how their students learn and that this research should drive and support effective teaching. Similarly, a broad understanding of what takes place in engineering classrooms is important for pinpointing significant areas for research. Since 1998, CELT's model has proven successful in the University of Washington College of Engineering and has had an impact on engineering education at national and international levels.

Our Mission:

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text banner for the Consortium to Promote Reflection in Engineering Education (CPREE)

CELT has received a $4.4 million grant from the Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust to develop and promote teaching practices that help undergraduate engineering students reflect on their educational experiences. The award establishes the Consortium to Promote Reflection in Engineering Education (CPREE). Click the banner above to learn more about this new project.

Engineering Writing & Communication Development Program

CELT created the Engineering Writing & Communication Program under its instructional services mission in order to develop and support communication education within the College of Engineering. Through consultation, collaboration, and community building, the EWCD Program gives engineering educators the tools to help students use writing to become better engineers.

Center for the Advancement of Engineering Education

CELT had the lead role in the Center for the Advancement of Engineering Education (CAEE). Begun in 2003, CAEE is a multi-institution, multi-method research center with $12 million in funding from the National Science Foundation (NSF). CAEE conducted research into undergraduate engineering learning, faculty teaching, the use of portfolios in preparing graduate students for teaching careers, and building capacity in engineering education research. CAEE's final report (left), along with many other resources, are available for download on the CAEE web site.