Center for Engineering Learning & Teaching

research-teaching cycle

The University of Washington’s Center for Engineering Learning & Teaching (CELT) focuses on two complementary activities:

  • Research on engineering education
  • Improving engineering teaching through instructional development*

At CELT, we believe research should drive and support teaching. Instructors informed by engineering education research are better equipped to understand how their students learn and to teach complex concepts more effectively. Our work with faculty provides us with a broad understanding of what takes place in engineering classrooms, which helps us identify areas for research.

Since 1998, CELT’s model has proven successful in the University of Washington’s College of Engineering and has influenced engineering education both nationally and internationally. See our overview handout for more information.

*NOTE: Instructional services are now being offered through the newly established Office for the Advancement of Engineering Teaching & Learning (OAET&L), directed by Jim Borgford-Parnell and housed in the College of Engineering. Instructional development services themselves remain as described on this web site (but are offered through OAET&L, not CELT). Jim Borgford-Parnell continues to be the primary consultant and can be contacted at, (206) 221-2633.

Research on Engineering Student Learning

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CELT’s ongoing research investigates design learning and representations, how learners integrate knowledge, students’ learning experiences and their preparation for professional practice, and how to incorporate research findings with teaching innovations.

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Instructional Services

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Please see the important note above concerning the new Office for the Advancement of Engineering Teaching & Learning.

CELT’s instructional services provide diverse development opportunities tailored to the needs of engineering faculty and aimed at supporting learning and teaching in the University of Washington’s College of Engineering.

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