Cynthia J. Atman, Ph.D.
Director, CELT
Co-Director, CPREE
Professor, Human Centered Design & Engineering
Mitchell T. & Lella Blanche Bowie Endowed Chair
Engineering Annex, Room 217
(206) 616-2171

Jim Borgford-Parnell, Ph.D.
Associate Director and Instructional Consultant*
Engineering Annex, Room 203
(206) 221-2633

*NOTE: Instructional services are now being offered through the newly established Office for the Advancement of Engineering Teaching & Learning (OAET&L), directed by Jim Borgford-Parnell and housed in the College of Engineering. Instructional development services themselves remain as described on this web site (but are offered through OAET&L, not CELT). Jim Borgford-Parnell continues to be the primary consultant.

Jennifer Turns, Ph.D.
Affiliate Faculty, CELT
Co-Director, CPREE
Professor, Human Centered Design & Engineering
(206) 221-3650


Cheryl Allendoerfer
Research Scientist
Engineering Annex, Room 225

Diane King
Fiscal Specialist
Engineering Annex, Room 239
(206) 616-0315

Lesley Pfeifer
Program Operations Specialist
Engineering Annex, Room 223
(206) 221-3652

Lauren Thomas, Ph.D.
Multi-Campus Coordinator, CPREE
Engineering Annex, Room 207
(206) 221-5664

Ken Yasuhara, Ph.D.
Research Scientist
Engineering Annex, Room 221
(206) 221-2976

Graduate Research Assistants

Ahmer Arif (CPREE)
Mania Orand (CPREE)
Kathryn Shroyer (CPREE)