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Jim Borgford-Parnell, Ph.D.

photo of Jim Borgford-Parnell

Associate Director
Center for Engineering Learning & Teaching

Jim joined the CELT team in 2005. His work is primarily focused on CELT's instructional services mission, which has at its core the improvement of teaching and learning in the UW College of Engineering. Jim brings a wide range of experience to this position, with expertise in post-secondary and adult education, 3D design, and faculty development. He taught at the college and university level for over 25 years, in courses ranging from the fundamentals of furniture design to the fundamentals of qualitative educational research. He taught courses in educational leadership, higher education pedagogy, and program development. Jim's doctoral research focused on conceptions of teaching held by effective teachers in a research intensive university.

In addition to his teaching practice Jim has experience as a department chair, academic administrator, research advisor, and instructional consultant. He has been deeply involved in teaching and learning improvement efforts at the classroom level as well as in programmatic, departmental, and college-wide transformation initiatives. Jim has conducted instructional workshops on an array of curriculum development, learning theory, pedagogical model, and assessment topics. He is a member of ASEE, AERA, and POD.