Center Staff and Advisory Board Members

Director: Randall C. Kyes, PhD  (Bio)
Research Professor, Department of Psychology
Adjunct Research Professor, Department of Global Health
Director, International Field Study Program, Department of Psychology Head, Division of Global Programs, Washington National Primate Research Center

Advisory Board

Rebecca Bullock
Director, Risk Financing, Risk Management, Office of Risk Management
Brian Coffey, PhD
Professor, Urban Studies (Tacoma Campus)
Director, Urban Studies Program (Tacoma Campus)
Director, International Programs (Tacoma Campus)
Sara Curran, PhD
Associate Professor, Intl Studies & Public Affairs; Adj. Global Health
Director, Center for Global Studies & Chair, Intl Studies Program
Assoc. Director, Center for Studies in Demography & Ecology
Cameron Frisch
Assistant Director, International Programs and Exchanges
Stephen Gloyd, MD, MPH
Professor, Department of Global Health
Associate Chair, Education and Curriculum, Department of Global Health
Executive Director, Health Alliance International
Lisa Graumlich, PhD
Dean, College of the Environment
Martha Groom , PhD
Associate Professor, Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences (Bothell Campus)
Adjunct Associate Professor, Department of Biology
Jeffery Riedinger, PhD
Vice Provost, UW Office of Global Affairs
Stephanie Harrington
Assistant Dean, Planning and Initiatives, College of the Environment
Julia Parrish, PhD
Professor, Department of Biology
Director, Program on the Environment
Associate Director, School of Aquatic & Fishery Sciences
Beth E. Rivin, MD, MPH
Research Associate Professor, Law
Adjunct Research Associate Professor, Global Health and Bioethics & Humanities
Director, Global Health and Justice Project
Daren Wade, MSW
Director, Global Health Resource Center, Department of Global Health
Clinical Instructor, Department of Global Health