From crop-raiding monkeys to political unrest: UW’s Randy Kyes embarks on 100th field course 
By Deborah Bach, UW TODAY (21 July, 2016)

Pelatihan Lapang/Field School/Workshop Biologi Konservasi dan Kesehatan Global Tahun 2016 Fakultas Peternakan Universitas Sam Ratulangi,University of Washington, dan Institut Pertanian Bogor  (May 2016)

Alumnae of the CGFS study abroad program "IFSP-Indonesia" among the inaugural class of the HUSKY 100  (2 May 2016)

Strategic International Partnerships
by Mary Barnes, Southeast Asia Center Blog  (3 May 2016)

Outreach Education in Nepal - Helping to Promote Environmental Conservation and Global Health
by Nitu Ghale, Annapurna Post (Feb, 2016, in Nepalese)

How STEM and Southeast Asian Studies intersect
Southeast Asia Center Blog, UW (Febuary 2016)

Compassion for Community...
University of Washington (2015)

Monkeying Around in Remote Indonesia
UW Arts and Sciences Perspectives (September 2015)

Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the founding of the Primate Research Center at Bogor Agricultural Univ. (PSSP-IBP), INDONESIA (August 2015)

25th Annual Field Course on Tinjil Island, INDONESIA: Promoting Conservation Biology, Global Health,
and Global Citizens
(August 2015)

American Society of Primatologists holds special symposium Celebrating 25 years of Field Training on Tinjil Island, INDONESIA (June 2015)

Center hosts science exhibit at the 2015 UW “Paws-On-Science”
(April 2015)

Where were UW students this summer? Explore our interactive global map!
UW Global Affairs (25 September 2014)

Center Scientists Conduct 2nd College-prep Field Course in Conservation Biology & Global Health for Native American Youth. (June 2014)

Center Affiliated Scientist, Prof. Mohammed Mostafa Feeroz of Bangladesh is awarded the Bangabandhu Award for Wildlife Conservation 2014.

Dr. Haryo Winarso, Education Attaché at the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Washington DC visits UW (23 May 2014)

Paws on Science features 50 UW research groups.
UW Medicine Online News (18 April 2014)

Center hosts science exhibits at the 2014 UW "Paws-On-Science"
5 - 6 April 2014

Prof. Kyes is interviewed by RevoScience Monthly of Nepal, (11 March, 2014). “Educating People is the Most Important Strategy in Conserving the Environment” by Rajendra Adhikari and Laxman Dangol.

Inauguration Ceremony of the 13th Annual “Field Course in Conservation Biology & Global Health” in Kathmandu, Nepal

Ayla Wilson '14 (College of Coastal Georgia) talks about her study abroad experience on TInjil Island, Indonesia  with the UW IFSP-Indonesia program
Brightwork (Official magazine of the College of Coastal Georgia, Fall, 2013)

Reflections on a Month Abroad at Tadulako University, Central Sulawesi, Indonesia By Morgan Wilbanks (UW Alum, 2013)

Center for Global Field Study Hosts Delegation from Tadulako University, Central Sulawesi, Indonesia
19 - 23 October 2013

Randall Kyes Receives a Fullbright Specialist Grant to Indonesia
19 July 2013

Center for Global Field Study Hosts Exhibit at the Seattle Science EXPO day (8 June 2013).
8 June 2013

UW Part of USIPP US-Indonesia Higher Education Consortium
28 May 2013

IIE Leads U.S. and Indonesian Institutions in Developing a U.S. – Indonesia Higher Education Consortium
28 May 2013

Center for Global Field Study Hosts Delegation from Bogor Agricultural University (IPB), Indonesia
15 - 17 March 2013

WANPRC Researcher Finds Critically Endangered Monkey Population Shifts to Sustainability
WaNPRC article, 20 March 2013

Better Outlook for Dwindling Black Macaque Population in Indonesia
UW Today, 23 January 2013

Cautious Hope for Rare Indonesian Macaques
Wildlife News - 29 January 2013

Field Research in Indonesia: An Immersion in Science and Culture  
Dept. of Psychology Newsletter - Winter 2012

Conservationists Bat for Hoolock Gibbon, 10 Nov 2012
Seven Sister Post - 10 November 2012

Welcome Fulbright-DIKTI Indonesia Senior Scholars, Fall 2012
Southeast Asia Center Newsletter - Fall 2012

Models for U.S. Study Abroard to Indonesia
 Institute of International Education Report - October 2012

Center Scientists Conduct Field Course for Students at Quileute Tribal School
WaNPRC article - 23 July 2012

20 Years of Primatology, IPB Presents Award to Randall Kyes
Okezone Indonesia (Indonesian and English Translations) - 24 July 2012

UW Part of National Effort for Greater Ties with Indonesia
UW Today - 6 June 2012

Fear and Pooh at Paws-on Science
Dept. of Psychology Newsletter, UW - Summer 2012

Center Hosts 'Animals and the Future' Exhibit at UW's PAWS-on-Science Activities
WaNPRC article - 19 April 2012

Global Health Minor Launched in Response to Student Interest
UW Today - 3 February 2012

Global Initiatives Empower Local Action
myZoo - Spring 2011

Gibbon Sanctuary to Host Experts - University of Washington Selects Primate Hub for its Uniqueness
The Telegraph, Calcuttle, India - 10 January 2011

UW Primatologist Discusses Conservation Biology & Global Health at USA Science & Engineering Festival
UW Today - 4 November 2010

Conservation Leaders of Tomorrow Remember Yesterday
Woodland Park Zoon BLOG - 30 September 2010

Randy Kyes Addresses U.S. Delegation
WaNPRC artical - 21 May 2010

Five-day Date with Conservation Biology
The Telegraph, Calcutta, India - 18 February 2010

UW Psychologist Warns of Earthquake's Impact - 19 January 2010

Center for Global Field Study: Official partner of USA Science & Engineering Festival 2010

Center for Global Field Study: Training Environmental Stewards Worldwide
UW Today - 8 October 2009

Washington University Bowled over by Gibbon Sanctuary

Global Field Training in Conservation Biology