Dr. Francisca Vidal García received the 2016 American Society of Primatologists Conservationist Award

August 2016

Dr. Francisca Vidal García, a researcher at the Instituto de Ecología A.C., Xalapa, Veracruz, México, was recently awarded the 2016 American Society of Primatologists Conservationist Award during the annual meeting of the American Society of Primatologists. This award provides recognition and financial support for students and early career investigators from habitat countries who demonstrate potential for making significant and continuing contributions to primate conservation.

Dr. Garcia has been actively involved in primate conservation research and outreach education in Mexico for 10 years. Her efforts to promote primate conservation are well recognized and respected. One of the letter writers who nominated Dr. Garcia for the conservationist award commented in their letter: “She continues to amaze me with her growing command of the latest field technology (e.g., GIS application for population conservation) as well as her leading role in conservation outreach programs in the local schools (K-12). Frany’s outreach work is innovative and inspiring. She is actively developing and conducting environmental education programs for the local people in a number of key locations in Mexico. I consider this effort to be of the highest priority in supporting environmental conservation. Helping to educate and engage the local people on primate conservation is one of the most important strategies to successful long-term conservation. And without question, Frany has demonstrated many, many times over that she is a leader in this critical work.”