Center for Global Field Study Hosts Delegation from Tadulako University, Central Sulawesi, Indonesia


The Center for Global Field Study (CGFS) recently hosted a Delegation from Tadulako University (UNTAD), Central Sulawesi, Indonesia from 19-23 October 2013. The delegation included Professor Dr Ir Muhammad Basir (Rector/President), Professor Dr Ir Mahfudz (Chairman of the University Advisory Board), and Professor Dr Ir Mery Napitupulu (Head of the International Office). During their visit to UW, the delegation met with Prof. Jeffrey Riedinger, Vice Provost for Global Affairs, Dr. Peter Moran, Director of International Programs & Exchanges, Prof. Randall Kyes, Director of the Center for Global Field Study, Prof. Lisa Graumlich, Dean, College of the Environment, and Prof. Laurie Sears, Director, Dr. Sara Van Fleet, Associate Director, and associated faculty members of the Southeast Asia Center of The Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies. The meetings focused on expansion of research collaboration and opportunities for student, staff, and faculty exchange. Rector Basir also gave a presentation entitled: “Population growth rate and infrastructure development as a threat to biodiversity preservation in Indonesia (a case study in Central Sulawesi Province).” The Seattle-Surabaya Sister City Association (SSSCA) hosted a dinner for the delegation and arranged visits to local cultural sites.


Delegation members, Prof. Napitupulu (lt), Rector Basir (2nd from lt) and Prof. Mahfudz (rt) with Vice Provost Jeffrey Riedinger (center) and Prof. Randall Kyes (2nd from rt). Delegation members, Prof. Napitupulu (lt), Rector Basir (3rd from lt) and Prof. Mahfudz (2nd from rt) with CGFS Director, Prof. Randall Kyes (3rd from rt), Dr. Elle Kyes (rt), Affiliated Scientist, CGFS, and Rita Ismail (2nd from lt), PhD Nursing student, UW.