Teachers who tested this website in their classes suggested that the most useful form of teachers’ guide would be a printable version of the site, which would allow them to plan classes more conveniently. To make printing easier, we placed all of the sources, hints, answers, and further thoughts on the same page as the images and questions and removed the background images.  We also added a brief introduction to each unit, identifying its objectives and discussing strategies for teaching it. These files, listed below, are in Adobe’s pdf  format; downloading pdf files requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.  

As mentioned in the Purpose, the design of this website assumes that students also have access to other information about Chinese history and culture, such as a textbook.  Students with inadequate background may be frustrated by some of the questions, which we wrote to try to get students to pause to look closely at the images and think about them. In a minority of cases we have supplied answers or hints, but we did not want to offer answers to all questions, in large part because we feared that students would get in the habit of immediately hitting the answer button as soon as they had read a question.  Many of the questions with no answers or hints ask students’ their opinions on the images and therefore do not have a single correct answer.  In other cases, the material needed to answer the question is found elsewhere on the page.  Teachers who are venturing into material they have never taught before may therefore want to consult general introductions to Chinese art or history to be better able to help students with some of the more open-ended questions.  Some recent works that can be recommended are Craig Clunas, Art in China (1997), Patricia Ebrey, Cambridge Illustrated History of China (1996), Robert Murowchick, Cradles of Civilization: China (1994), Edward Shaughnessy, China:  Empire and Civilization (2000), Conrad Schirokauer, A Brief History of Chinese Civilization (1991), Michael Sullivan, The Arts of China (2000), and Robert Thorp and Richard Vinograd, Chinese Art and Culture (2001).


Pdf files for individual units: 

Front Matter

Teachers' Guide for Geography

Teachers' Guide for Ancient Tombs

Teachers' Guide for Buddhism

Teachers' Guide for Calligraphy

Teachers' Guide for Military Technology

Teachers' Guide for Painting

Teachers' Guide for Homes

Teachers' Guide for Gardens

Teachers' Guide for Clothing

Teachers' Guide for Graphic Arts