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Electronic Composites | Thermal Interface Materials

Design of Thermal Interface Material With High Thermal Conductivity and Measurement Apparatus

The book "Electronic Composites" by Dr. Minoru Taya has been published. Click here for further detail.

Over the last 15 years, we have been studying several types of electronic composites to use in electronic packaging. This includes printed circuit board (PCB), composite plates, thermomechanical materials (TIM) for use in thermal management and piezoresitive composite for use in switches.

[view presentation in pdf format] 1, 2

[1] 1-D Heat Flow Measurement
[2] 1-D Heat Flow Measurement
[3] 2-D Heat Flow Measurement
[4] 2-D Measurement

[1] Thermal Conductivity
[2] Thermal Resistance


electronic composites, 2005, Cambridge University Press, by M. Taya

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