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Board on Science Education: Workshop on ICT Fluency and High School Graduation Outcomes

PAPER: October 24

  • Philip Bell - Reflections on the Cognitive and Social Foundations of Information and Communication Technology Fluency [PAPER]

Cognitive Development Society Conference in San Diego

POSTER: October 22

  • Tiffany Lee, Jennifer Amsterlaw, Suzanne Reeve, Philip Bell & Andrew Meltzoff - From World To Lab And Back: Relating Children’s Understanding Of Thinking In Everyday And Experimental Contexts [POSTER]

First Congress of the International Society for Cultural and Activity Research (ISCAR) in Sevilla, Spain

SESSION: Toward an understanding of adolescents' argumentation across contexts and purposes - September 20th

  • Philip Bell - Mapping arguments in the science classroom: Insights from instructional scaffolding studies [PRESENTATION]
  • Leah Bricker - Riding the concrete wave: Urban skateboarders' argumentation [PRESENTATION]
  • Heather Toomey Zimmerman - 'If your blog doesn't look good, no one will read it:' Adolescent peer groups' argumentation in online spaces [PRESENTATION]
  • Philip Bell, Leah Bricker & Heather Toomey Zimmerman - Comparative study of adolescents' argumentation across contexts and purposes [PRESENTATION]

Astronomical Society of the Pacific (ASP) 117th Annual Meeting

Keynote Presentation: Philip Bell - Understanding how people learn science: On the importance of navigating around expert blind spots, homogenous views of learners, and content obsessions - September 15th, Tucson, Arizona [HPL PRESENTATION]

EARLI 2005 Annual Conference

Presentation: Philip Bell - Understanding the many epistemic faces of point-of-view in a sixth-grade history lesson - August 25th, Nicosia, Cyprus

Bay Area Institute 2005 - Center for Informal Learning and Schools

Roundtable Session: Philip Bell (with Sherry Hsi) - Children's digital learning and play - August 19th and 20th, San Francisco CA

SRI International - Center for Technology in Learning

Invited Presentation: Philip Bell - The future of the learning sciences community: Who should be involved? What should we try to accomplish? How do we get there? - June 23rd, Menlo Park CA

2005 Institute on the Scholarship of Engineering Education at Stanford University

Invited Presentation: Philip Bell - How people learn: Established principles, research gaps, and methodological approaches - June 20th, Menlo Park CA [HPL PRESENTATION]

AERA 2005 Annual Conference in Montreal

SESSION 34.025: Learning in Informal and Formal Environments (LIFE): Towards an Integrated Theory of Learning - April 12th

  • Philip Bell (chair)
  • John Bransford - Advancing Learning Theory through a Coordination of Psychological, Neurobiological, and Socio-Cultural Research
  • Maritza Rivera-Gaxiola, Andrew Meltzoff and Patricia Kuhl - Implicit Learning and the Brain
  • Roy Pea, Philip Bell, Brigid Barron, Reed Stevens - Informal Learning in Everyday Settings
  • John D. Bransford and Daniel Schwartz - Designs for Formal Learning and Beyond
  • Reed Stevens - How People Learn Through Interactivity: A Collaborative Research Agenda
  • Nora H. Sabelli, Sam Houston and Harriett D. Romo - Supporting the Development of an Integrated Science of Learning through Education, Collaboration, and Outreach (ECO)
  • Discussants: Louis M. Gomez, Northwestern University; Shirley Brice Heath, Stanford University

SESSION 58.052: In-home Technology Use Shaping the Attitudes and Skills of Children’s Technological Fluency - April 14th

  • Heather Toomey Zimmerman (chair)
  • Heather Toomey Zimmerman - Teens online: Teens and parents on the influence of networked technologies on family time, community, and learning

NARST 2005 Annual Conference in Dallas, TX

SESSION: Learning to Argue about Science: Understanding the Influence of Family, Friends, and
- April 6th

  • Philip Bell, Leah Bricker, Tiffany Lee, Maisy McGaughey, Suzanne Reeve & Heather Toomey Zimmerman - Developing a framework for how students learn through everyday and school encounters with science [PRESENTATION]
  • Philip Bell, Maisy McGaughey, Leah Bricker - Discerning students’ epistemological understanding of argument through an analysis of their classroom talk and action [PRESENTATION]
  • Leah Bricker - Understanding the role of everyday, classroom, and disciplinary argument in science education [PRESENTATION] [PAPER]
  • Maisy McGaughey - Scientific argumentation and epistemology within and across formal and informal settings with undergraduate engineering students [PRESENTATION]

POSTER: April 6th

  • Heather Toomey Zimmerman - Doing Science Together: Families learning and interacting in a science museum [POSTER]
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