About CFRM

Core Values

  • Diverse curriculum:
    Courses cover a broad array of topics that allow students to become well versed in the worlds of finance, risk management, and computing.
  • Rigorous coursework:
    Instructors and peers expect students to commit to the intellectual investment by devoting themselves to learning the theory and practice of quantitative finance and financial risk management, assuring a depth of understanding and competitive candidates upon graduation.
  • Interdisciplinary approach:
    Combined support from multiple departments enables students to gain advanced knowledge in applied mathematics, economics, statistics, finance, and computing.
  • Adaptability:
    Students are encouraged to provide feedback to instructors and courses. Constructive criticism has resulted in curriculum that is better adapted to the requirements of both the market and the student.
  • Gender balance:
    CFRM has historically had an equal number of men and women in the program which provides a gender balance and an educational environment that reflects the emerging demographics in the financial services community.
  • Window to finance industry:
    Providing ties to the finance industry including instruction from finance industry professionals, seminars on trends and relevant topics, and special on-site events.
  • Accessibility:
    Using the latest online learning technologies to support students participating remotely as distance learners as well as for the supplemental use of classroom students seeking on-demand review of the course material covered in the classroom.


Video Commentary

Professors Eric Zivot of the UW Department of Economics and Doug Martin of the UW Department of Applied Mathematics introduce the MS-CFRM and the related Certificate in Computational Finance.

An Inside Look With Professor Doug Martin
Professor Doug Martin reflects on his finance career and his work to pioneer the UW CFRM program.

An Inside Look With Professor Eric Zivot
Professor Eric Zivot outlines the skills needed to succeed in the MS-CFRM degree program.