Campus MS Program

CFRM offers its Master’s degree on the University of Washington’s Seattle campus for students interested in pursuing full time study.  The program takes students 15 months on average to complete, including a summer internship.

In order to accommodate the needs of graduating students, extended internships away from Seattle, and changes in life circumstances, students who begin the full-time program on campus may elect, in consultation with our graduate program advisor, to reduce their credit load and take longer to graduate.  For the same reasons, and thanks to all of our regular MS courses being offered simultaneously to campus and online students, our classroom students may also attend online as the need arises.

2015 MS Classroom Students
CFRM 2015 campus students

Differences Compared to the Online MS

Although the courses are scheduled at the same time, taught by the same instructors, and involve the same assignments with identical grading expectations, the experience of being part of the classroom cohort allows for a close-knit community of students, most of whom have an identical course schedule, and are able to work closely with faculty and staff in Lewis Hall.  Our career placement services are more effective thanks to this face-to-face interaction, and so we recommend that students who lack professional networks and experience consider the campus program.

We encourage interaction between campus and online students via email, course discussion forums, and web conferencing.  Students in both cohorts gain from sharing the diverse career experience, academic backgrounds, and cultures of a broadly nationwide and international student body.