The Master’s degree comprises a minimum of 42 credits, including 26 credits of mandatory coursework, plus 16 credits of elective coursework.  Students opting to complete a specialization (in either Computing or Risk Management) have different course requirements and a minimum of 54 credits to graduate.

All course descriptions are available on a single page if you prefer.

Wondering when each course is offered? Admitted students should review the UW Time Schedule for actual current offerings. For prospective students, please review our general schedule.

CFRM 463 (1 NC)
R Programming for Quantitative Finance
CFRM 543 (4)
Portfolio Optimization and Asset Management
CFRM 540 (2)
Investment Science I
CFRM 544 (4)
Options and Derivatives
CFRM 541 (4)
Investment Science II
CFRM 546 (4)
Risk Management II
CFRM 542 (4)
Financial Data Modeling and Analysis in R
CFRM 558 (4)
Fixed Income Analytics and Portfolio Management


CFRM 510 (4)
Financial Data Access with SQL, Excel, and VBA
CFRM 555 (4)
Optimization Methods in Finance
CFRM 520 (2)
Energy Markets Analytics and Derivatives
CFRM 557 (4)
Financial Software Development and Integration with C++
CFRM 545 (4)
Risk Management I
CFRM 559 (4)
Stochastic Calculus for Derivatives
CFRM 547 (4)
Credit Risk Management
CFRM 560 (4)
Actuarial Models and Estimation
CFRM 548 (4)
Monte Carlo Simulation Methods in Finance
CFRM 561 (4)
Advanced Trading Systems
CFRM 551 (4)
Introduction to Trading Systems
CFRM 500 (4)
Special Topics in Computational Finance (Subject varies)
CFRM 552 (4)
Portfolio Performance Analysis & Benchmarking
AMATH 582 (5)
Computational Methods for Data Analysis
CFRM 553 (4)
Financial Time Series Forecasting Methods
AMATH 583 (5)
High Performance Scientific Computing
CFRM 554 (4)
Endowment and Institutional Investment Management
CFRM 600 Independent Research or Study
CFRM 601 Internship CFRM 700 (variable credits, minimum of 9 credits required) Master’s Thesis

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