Financial Aid

Please note: financial aid through CFRM or the University of Washington is not available for non-degree students.  Certificate students may be eligible for private scholarships and student loans.  The information below pertains only to students in our MS program.


CFRM is proud to offer the Women in Quantitative Finance financial award which awards up to $20,000 to one highly qualified female applicant.

Additional aid awards will be extended during the admissions offer phase for certain highly qualified students based on merit, diversity, and other department objectives.

A number of private foundations and non-profit groups provide graduate scholarships and stipends that may be worth pursuing.

Other Financial Aid Opportunities

Top students in the program may have the opportunity to work with faculty on supervised research projects and are occasionally offered positions as a teaching assistant (TA) or course grader in a department course during their second year.

Fee-based programs at UW are not eligible for state-supported aid programs, and we are unable to offer tuition waivers for the same reason.  MS students do have access to federal student loan programs, and we encourage students in the workforce to discuss possible tuition reimbursement or support with their employers.