Course Schedule

In a typical year, CFRM offers courses in the pattern below.  Please note that elective course options can vary from year to year, so please consult the UW Time Schedule for current course schedules.

Course descriptions contain information on prerequisites, and you can review the CFRM curriculum, including additional elective courses that may be offered from time to time.

Prep CoursesCFRM 405, CFRM 425CFRM 410CFRM 415
Required MS Courses (part-time and full-time)CFRM 501CFRM 502CFRM 503
Required MS Courses (full-time first year, part-time second year)CFRM 504;
CFRM 506 or CFRM 507
CFRM 505CFRM 509
Elective MS Courses (offerings vary by year)CFRM 530, CFRM 542CFRM 520, CFRM 525, CFRM 540, CFRM 521, CFRM 522, CFRM 550TBA
AMATH ElectivesAMATH 582AMATH 583