Resources for Current Students

As a current graduate student in the Computational Finance and Risk Management program, you will find the following resources useful during your time at the University of Washington.

Useful Links

  • AMATH Department Intranet – Computer Lab, Printing, Lewis Hall Room Reservations, Department Directory
  • Housing & Food Services (HFS)
  • UW Graduate School – Master’s Student Resources, Policies, and Requirements
  • International Student Services (ISS)
  • Physical Health (Hall Health Center)
  • Mental Health – Student Life

Technical Support

Most technology issues can be resolved by contacting UW-IT at 206.221.5000 or If you have an unresolved technology problem that is interfering with your ability to complete an assignment, contact your TA or course instructor promptly for alternative arrangements.

Photo Album

CFRM maintains a Flickr account, where we share pictures from career events, social activities, graduation and more. You can view the photos here.


Registration can be initiated via your MyUW homepage. When registering for classes, you’ll want to use the PCE Time Schedule and make sure to enroll in the correct section (course sections should be marked to indicate campus or online). You can refer to the UW Academic Calendar for registration dates, as well as drop and payment/refund deadlines.

Questions about account balances and financial aid disbursements should be directed to Continuum College (PCE) Registration Services (; 206.543.2310).


Your UW NetID is your official University of Washington computing account.  It provides you with an email forwarding alias and becomes your user ID and password combination for UW services.  These services include your Canvas course website, access to lecture videos, UW library resources, and other tools.

New students are eligible to create a NetID upon accepting your admissions offer.  The NetID creation process can take several days to complete and activate, so do not delay in establishing a NetID.  The Graduate School will provide information on establishing your NetID and supply your personal access code (PAC), needed to complete that process.

CFRM 101 & 102

Current campus MS students should refer to CFRM 101 materials for schedules and additional activities.  Access is restricted to your UW NetID and will be available starting at orientation. Online students have access to CFRM 102.

Using Canvas

Canvas is the “virtual classroom”–a website dedicated to your course, available from  All essential information will be found there, including links to lectures, the course syllabus, assignments and file submissions, discussion forums, and contact information for your instructor and TA.

Access to the course Canvas site is limited to registered students via their UW NetID.  It can take several days for you to gain access to Canvas once registered, so it is important that you register at least one week (for new students, two weeks) before the start of each quarter.

Lecture Videos

Most CFRM courses are delivered using the Panopto lecture capture platform.  You will be able to watch a live webcast of class or view a streaming version on demand immediately following the end of class, and the video link will be available in the Canvas classroom.  Most videos are also downloadable for offline viewing but you must wait at least four hours after the end of class before attempting to do so.  Trying to download lectures early may corrupt the download link for yourself and for other students.

More information is available from UW-IT.  You can troubleshoot viewing issues if you have problems accessing Panopto lectures.

Support for Panopto problems is provided via UW-IT. Available 24/7, you can contact UW-IT via the methods listed here.

Satisfactory Performance and Progress

At all times, master’s students need to make satisfactory progress towards finishing their degree. Satisfactory progress in course work is based on grades. Students are expected to maintain a grade point average of 3.2/4.0 or better.

The Graduate School rules regarding satisfactory progress are detailed in Graduate School Policy 3.7. The Department of Applied Mathematics follows these recommended guidelines of the Graduate School including an initial warning, followed by a maximum of three quarters of probation and one quarter of final probation, then ultimately being dropped from the program.

Expected Academic Workload

Our on-campus Master’s students are expected to register for a full course load, typically 3 numerically graded courses totaling approximately 10 or more credits, enabling graduation in 15 months.

The online Master’s program allows students to enroll part-time or full-time. Part-time students will be able to finish the degree requirements in three years, on average, when taking one course each quarter.

Students who do not intend to register for a quarter must seek approved academic leave in order to maintain a student status. Students who do not maintain active student status through course registration or an approved leave request need to request reinstatement to rejoin the MS program. Reinstatement is at the discretion of the CFRM program. Students approved for reinstatement are required to follow degree requirements active at time of reinstatement, which could be different from requirements in place at time of initial admittance. Please contact the CFRM Graduate Program Advisor regarding the potential impact on completed and remaining credits.

Independent Study (CFRM 600)

As a major research institution, the University of Washington values enhancing a student’s overall education with opportunities to participate in research.

Independent study (CFRM 600) is not designed to earn easy credit. Rather, these studies are designed for high-performing students who are interested in continuing their education in a PhD program, but aren’t interested in completing a thesis. Due to program commitments during a student’s first quarter, independent study credit is not available until at least one academic quarter has been completed.

Options for independent study may include:

  • An independent research topic initiated by the student, under the supervision of a CFRM faculty member
  • The topic should be academically related to the CFRM program, and should be an extension of CFRM coursework beyond what is taught in the classroom
  • Original work is expected, and should be an advanced topic that is not offered in an existing UW course
  • Learning a programming language, or a remedial topic, is not acceptable
  • Faculty research assistance (note: do not contact faculty with an offer to assist with their research unless they have specifically asked for assistance.)

Independent Study Policies:

  • Faculty consider each request individually and are under no obligation to offer an independent study option to any student.
  • Independent study requests must be submitted no later than 3 weeks before the start of the quarter for consideration.
  • Only 1 independent study credit (CFRM 600) may be approved per quarter. A new request must be submitted for each quarter of independent study.
  • Up to 4 independent study credits can be used towards the minimum 42 credits required to graduate.
  • CR/NC (Credit/No Credit) grading is standard for independent study credits.

To request independent study credit for an upcoming quarter:

1. Review the options and policies outlined above.
2. Submit the Independent Study Request form at least 3 weeks before the start of the quarter.
3. Your request will be forwarded to the faculty member you are requesting to work with.
4. If approved, we will follow up with registration information for CFRM 600.

After approval:

  • Register for CFRM 600.
  • Consult with your supervising faculty member throughout the quarter.
  • At the end of the quarter, submit a final report to the faculty member and