Currently there are 43 talented students enrolled between two full-time cohorts in the University of Washington Master of Science in Computational Finance and Risk Management (MS-CFRM) degree program with another 44 enrolled part-time. Our students come from diverse backgrounds and from multiple countries and arrive with strong academic records in disciplines such as applied mathematics, economics, physics, statistics, computer science and electrical engineering.

Value of CFRM

Offered through the top-ranked UW Department of Applied Mathematics, students in the CFRM program gain rigorous mathematical and statistical foundations in quantitative finance and choose a specialization, including risk management or computing. MS-CFRM courses go beyond the academic level and provide valuable real-world experience in-part through finance industry professionals serving as affiliate instructors.

A unique feature of the CFRM program is the extensive use of the open source R programming language and modeling methods in many of the courses. Use of R is rapidly increasing in the finance industry (see for example the many presentations at www.rinfinance.com during the past few years). In-depth training in the use of R gives our students the ability to draw on the rapidly growing number of R finance packages to quickly implement standard and cutting edge quantitative finance methods in a new job environment.

Reaching our Students

Posting an Opportunity

We are glad to post an internship or full-time opportunity specifically to our CFRM students and can work with you to identify the best-qualified students. Please forward a copy of the job description and the information on how to apply. This will be posted internally for interested candidates to review and respond.  

Employers who wish to post position more broadly across the UW campus should contact the UW Career Center.


Interviewing On Campus

Visiting the UW campus is the best method to meet many of our students at once. Please contact either the UW Career Center or the Department of Applied Mathematics (banderson at amath.washington.edu) if you wish to set up interviews with students in the Computational Finance & Risk Management program. 


Interviewing Off Campus

For firms in the greater Seattle area, it is possible for students to travel for meetings at your office. If you are outside of Seattle, we would be glad to work with you on scheduling for our campus students. There are also online students who participate in the program who reside throughout the US.

2014 Recruiting Calendar

Winter 2014

Some full-time students in 2012-2013 cohort expect to graduate at the end of winter quarter 2014.
January 6: Instruction begins
March 17-21: Final examination week

Spring 2013

March 31: Instruction begins
June 9-13: Final examination week

Summer 2014

Most students in the 2013-2014 cohort are available for summer internships between June 16 and September 23.


Contact Us and/or Resume Book Request

Prospective employers who are interested in speaking with a representative of the Computational Finance & Risk Management program should contact Bill Anderson at 206-221-1378.

If you wish to receive a resume book of CFRM students, please send a request to banderson [at] amath.washington.edu and include your name, company name, and phone number.