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What is Computational Finance and Risk Management?

Computational finance and risk management is the application of advanced mathematical, statistical, and computational methods to solving quantitative finance problems. Investigate financial topics and explore the business world rationally, creatively, and critically, in a quantitative way.

Why study Computational Finance?

Computational finance and risk management undergraduate programs are designed to provide students with a rigorous applied mathematical foundation and solid understanding of how mathematical models, and statistical and computational methods, are used in financial applications such as portfolio optimization, derivatives pricing, and risk management.

The BS-CFRM will jump start students’ knowledge and skills for a career in a variety of fields, or further academic study in Mathematical/Computational Finance or Financial Engineering, such as the MS-CFRM program. Be a leader in a society that exhibits increasing demands for competence in communication, computation, and quantitative analysis.
The Data Science option in CFRM provides students with training in data science methods and practices through the study of statistical modeling, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and optimization, among other aspects of applied mathematics.

What programs are offered for undergraduates?

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How do I major in Computational Finance & Risk Management?

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Course Schedule

Course CFRM 405
CFRM 420
CFRM 410
CFRM 425
CFRM 415

Departmental AMATH and CFRM courses offered each quarter are listed at the UW Time Schedule. Above schedule lists the typical CFRM core course series, designed to be taken in sequence. Please visit the individual program pages referenced above for required courses and degree requirements.

Additional information for prospective students

How do I meet with an advisor?

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