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Fluoview-1000 Confocal Microscope (Olympus)

The FV-1000 is a laser scanning confocal microscope built on an IX-81 inverted microscope (Olympus) equipped with a motorized stage, epi-fluorescence and differential interference contrast (DIC). The FV-1000 has 6 laser lines with 4 detectors for fluorescence plus a transmitted light detector. All 5 detectors may be acquired with simultaneous or sequential scanning. It is possible to collect up to 6 channels of fluorescence by automated dichroic switching.

Objective NA Working Distance Immersion Purpose
4X UPlanSApo 0.16 13 mm Air Orientation, overview
10X UPlanSApo 0.40 3.1 mm Air Orientation,low mag.
20X LWD1,3 0.45 7.8 mm Air Culture plates
20X UPlanSApo 0.75 600 µm Air Medium resolution
40X UPlanFL N 1.30 200 µm Oil High resolution
60X PlanSApo 1.35 150 µm Oil High resolution
100X UPlanSApo 1.40 130 µm Oil High resolution
60X UPlanSApo2,3 1.20 280 µm Water Live imaging
  1. Long working distance for imaging through plastic cultureware.
  2. Correction collar for coverslip thickness or refractive index mis-match.
  3. Installed by request.

FV-1000 laser lines:

  • 405 nm
  • 458 nm
  • 488 nm
  • 515 nm
  • 568 nm
  • 633 nm

Marianas Microscope

This imaging system was integrated by Intelligent Imaging Innovations, Inc. (“3I", Denver, CO) and controlled by their Slidebook software. The Marianas is designed to provide a stable, highly automated platform on an inverted microscope for critical imaging applications such as timelapse, deconvolution, FRET and ratiometric imaging as well as high resolution brightfield and fluorescence image capture.

Objective NA Working Distance Immersion Pixel Size1 µm/pixel Purpose
5X Plan NeoFluor 0.15 13.6 mm Air 1.249 Orientation
10X Plan NeoFluor 0.30 5.6 mm Air 0.624 Low mag. imaging
20X Plan Apochromat 0.75 610 µm Air 0.314 Medium resolution
25X LCI-PlanNeoFluor2,4 0.80 600 µm Multiple 0.244 Specialty
40X Plan NeoFluor 0.75 500 µm Air 0.156 Medium resolution
63XW3 C-Apochromat3,4 1.20 240 µm Water 0.099 Live imaging
63X Plan Apochromat 1.40 180 µm Oil 0.099 High Resolution
100X Plan Apochromat 1.40 170 µm Oil 0.062 High Resolution


  1. Measured for the HQ2 camera.
  2. Correction collar for oil, glycerol or water immersion media.
  3. Correction collar for coverslip thickness and refractive index mis-match.
  4. Installed by request.

Nikon Optiphot

A basic, manual upright microscope capable of brightfield, phase contrast and epi-fluorescence. The CCD camera uses a tunable filter to collect full resolution images of fluorescent labels as well as in RGB color for non-fluorescent specimens. It is popular for collecting RGB images of conventional brightfield stains such as H&E, crystal violet or DAB. It is often used to inspect specimen label quality before attempting to image on the advanced instruments.

Objective NA Working Distance Immersion Pixel Size µm/pixel Pixel Size1 pixel/µm
1X Plan 0.04 13.6 mm Air 8.40 0.12
2X Plan 0.05 5.6 mm Air 4.24 0.24
4X EPlan 0.10 610 µm Air 2.12 0.57
10X EPlan 0.40 600 µm Air 0.87 1.15
20X EPlan 0.04 500 µm Air 0.43 2.31
40X EPlan 0.65 240 µm Air 0.21 4.78
40X Fluor2,4 0.85 180 µm Air 0.21 4.78
100X3,4 0.90-1.25 170 µm Oil 0.09 11.55
100X Fluor2,4 1.30 170 µm Oil 0.09 11.55
  1. Required for some image processing software on the computer controlling this camera.
  2. UV capable.
  3. Collar for variable NA..
  4. Installed by request.
  • Objectives below 40X do not require specimens with a coverslip.
  • Objectives 40X and above require a coverslip of 170 µm thickness (Number 1.5)
  • Other objectives are available.