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As one of the nation's top biomedical research institutions UW Medicine brings together leading scientists and physicians to advance knowledge and apply that knowledge to solve medical problems. Their work boosts understanding of normal human biology and leads to treatments capable of saving, extending, and improving lives.


  Photo of researcher holding up petri dish  

People versus Microbes

Defenses sought for bio-terrorism and emerging infectious diseases

  Photo of Linda Buck  

Olfaction Studies Garner 2004 Nobel Prize


  Photo of constructon workers.  

Nexus for Biotech Research and Development

South Lake Union neighborhood reshapes into hub for burgeoning industry

  Micrograph of retina  

Window on the Retina

Imaging technique reveals retinal cells in a new light


  Image of two researchers  

Search Closes in on Pancreatic Cancer Gene

Defenses sought for bio-terrorism and emerging infectious diseases

  Image of zebrafish  

Visual Pigment Reactions and Light Adaptation


Search Continues for AIDS Vaccine Strategies


From Impulse to Action

Anderson lab asks how brain controls movement


Brittle Bone Disease

Scientists a major step closer to gene therapy for osteogenesis imperfecta


Mutations Linked Breast and Ovarian Cancer Risks

Exercise and weight control delay disease onset


Cardiovascular Grant in its 48th year


Chagas Disease Treatment Compounds Licensed

Azoles could help defeat one of Latin America's leading killers


Chimp Genome Sequence Drafted


Growth Factor Drops Before Motor Neuron Disease Onset


Muscular Dystrophy

Treatments for muscle-wasting disease may emerge from molecular and cellular studies

Exposure to Smells Might Protect Olfactory Neurons


Controversies Surround Police Car Chases


Through Electrodes on Brain, Thought Controls Computer Curser


Transistors of the Brain

Ion channel structure analyzed in nerve and heart cells


Same Section of Thirteen Vertebrate Genomes Compared


Computer-Generated Proteins


Diabetes Gene May Have Links to Obesity


The Stress/Drug Abuse Connection


ENCODE Compiles Parts List for Human Genome


Cellular Mechanisms of Fragile X Syndrome Examined

Mutation is second only to Down syndrome as cause of cognitive disability

Gene Therapy for Immune Deficiency in Mice


An Inside Look

Genome Sciences and Bioengineering Buildings Take Shape


A Possibility for Restoring Hearing Loss

Discovery shifted attention to hair cell regeneration


Treating Herpes to Prevent AIDS Transmission


Huntington's and Parkinson's may have different pathologies


Stem Cells Don't Regenerate Heart Muscle

Search on for other ways to use marrow cells in treating heart disease


Toddler TV Viewing Can Lead to Problems Paying Attention


Passengers as Missiles

Unbelted riders increase others' risk of death from car crashes