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Obtaining a Ph.D.

Conferences and Presentations

The following resources cover how to present research at conferences and presentations.  Much of this advice is written with the sciences in mind, but the suggestions on delivery and fielding questions are applicable to other fields as well.


The "Art" of Giving a Good Conference Talk  Sharon Downes (posted on the Keogh Lab) gives advice for preparing and delivering an effective conference presentation.

Conferences, Interviews and Presentations  A collection of articles from The Chronicle of Higher Education about preparing for conferences, interviews and presentations.

How to Give a Good Fifteen-Minute Talk  Scott Keogh gives a list of dos and don'ts for presenting quantitative papers.

Presenting Conference Papers (Claremont Graduate University Writing Center)  Recommendations distinguish between types of conferences and papers, preparing papers for different fields, and suggestions for delivery and responding to questions.


Funded by the PEW Charitable TrustSitemapContact UsSearch