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Re-envisioning the Ph.D.
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Obtaining Employment Obtaining a Ph.D.

Obtaining Employment

A common theme has emerged from interviews with various stakeholders (see, for example, Re-envisioning the Ph.D.: What Concerns Do We Have?), studies (such as Ph.D.'s-Ten Years Later and At Cross Purposes), and the 2000 Re-envisioning Conference (see Meta-themes for Conference conclusions). These sources all suggest that doctoral students and Ph.D.'s want and need preparation for a wider range of career options. In response, we have put together a collection of resources that address preparation for various types of employment.  The resources are grouped in the roughly chronological order of search for employment: researching career paths, preparing cvs and resumes, and searching for positions.  The links included on these pages are by no means exhaustive, and we welcome suggestions for further additions at

An annotated list of publications about possible career paths for doctoral students, newly-minted Ph.D.'s, post-docs, and academics.

On-line Articles
These on-line articles offer specific career advice, first-person narratives, and professional development guidelines.  Some also deal with the intellectual roles of Ph.D.'s working outside academia.  

Web Resources
Information about a range of funding resources, professional development opportunities, and career paths in academe and beyond.

Discussion Groups
Discussion groups about professional issues in a variety of career options.

Universities with Career Services for Ph.D.'s
Universities with on-line resources specifically for graduate students.

Writing CVs and Resumes
Writing CVs and resumes for a variety of professional positions.

Jobs, Post Docs and Funding
Sites posting a variety of positions and funding for Ph.D.'s.

Ph.D. Virtual Career Fair
Information about a Ph.D. Virtual Career Fair sponsored by twenty-two major research universities.

Universities with On-Site Ph.D. Job Fairs
Information about an on-site Ph.D. Job Fair sponsored by a consortium of North Carolina universities.

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