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Obtaining a Ph.D.


This dissertation page includes Web Resources aimed at helping doctoral students through the dissertation process, Online Articles giving specific advice, sample guidelines for Traditional and Electronic Dissertations, places for Publishing the Dissertation, a Bibliography of articles about dissertations, and a link to Promising Practices on Dissertations; see the Research and Publishing page for research tools and style guides.  We rely on institutions' submissions to keep our collect of Promising Practices updated: if your institution has innovative dissertation practices but isn't represented here, they can be submitted at  

Web Resources

All-But-Dissertation Survival Guide  This monthly newsletter provides practical strategies for successfully completing your doctoral dissertation, periodic interviews with scholars about the tips they wish they'd known at the beginning of their own careers, and teleworkshops. 

Association for the Support of Graduate Students  ASGS provides services aimed at helping students complete their dissertations; services include a thesis newsletter (Thesis News), a moderated email list (Doc-Talk), a Professional Consultant Directory, Computer Templates for Editorial Styles, and results of ASGS surveys on major thesis problems.

Claremont Graduate University Writing Center: Thesis and Dissertation Guide  Offers advice for all phases of the dissertation, from "Choosing a Topic" and "Writing the Proposal" to "Obtaining Feedback" and "Revising," as well as "Additional Resources."  Some of the Writing Center's additional Links are useful research tools as well.

The Dead Thesis Society   A student-organized thesis support group that provides a listserv, online resources, and on-site meetings in Canada. 

The Dissertation Doctor  This commercial site offers individualized dissertation coaching from a university director of doctoral research.

Ph.D. Information (University of Queensland)  Offers suggestions for designing, researching, organizing, and writing the dissertation, as well as links to other sites.

Phinished  A discussion and support site aimed at helping people finish their dissertations.


Online Articles

Choosing a Research Topic  Richard Reis explains what factors to consider when staking out an area of research in the sciences.

Dissertation Advice  Maintains a collection of articles from The Chronicle of Higher Education dealing with writing and completing the dissertation.

The One-Year Plan  Offers advice on completing the dissertation and finding a job (academic or otherwise) in the space of a year.

Some Thoughts on Dissertation Proposal Writing  Chris Golde offers suggestions for drafting a proposal.

Summary Notes of Writing for Social Scientists  Presents an outline of Howard S. Becker's suggestions for writing.  Taken from his book, Writing for Social Scientists: How to Start and Finish Your Thesis, Book, or Article (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1986).

Thesis Writing, Guru-Style  Andrea Lord offers a highly structured approach to finishing the dissertation on time.

Thinking About Your Thesis  This article by Erika Simpson provides guidelines for finishing a thesis or dissertation.

Writing and Presenting Your Thesis or Dissertation  This article by S. Joseph Levine provides guidelines for thinking about a thesis or dissertation, writing a proposal, completing the project, and defending it.

Writing a Dissertation  Five winners of the American Political Science Association reflect on what they learned in the process of writing a dissertation and what advice they would pass on to others.

Writing Your Dissertation  This handout from the University of North Carolina Writing Center gives an overview of the steps necessary for starting, drafting, and completing your dissertation. 


Traditional Dissertation Guidelines

Cornell: Doctoral Dissertation and Master's Thesis

Rackham (University of Michigan): Dissertation Handbook

University of Georgia: Guidelines for Theses and Dissertations

University of Alabama Dissertation Guidelines

University of Washington Guidelines  
See thesis template at


Electronic Thesis and Dissertation (ETD) Guidelines

East Tennessee State University: ETD Manager

Virginia Tech Digital Library and Archives: ETD Guidelines

Washington State University: Digital Dissertations and Theses

West Virginia University: ETD Guidelines


ETD's from different fields


Dairy Science

Engineering Mechanics

Music Performance (natural horn)

Networked Digital Library of Dissertations and Theses

University of Virginia Electronic Theses and Dissertations in the Humanities 

Virginia Tech Digital Library and Archives


Publishing the Dissertation

This list is by no means exhaustive: many publishers and print-on-demand publishing services can be found online.  These are publishing services/houses that either specialize in non-fiction and dissertations or are fairly well-known.  We welcome additions to this list at

Academic Dissertation Publishers  Publishes dissertations on demand for a fee and makes them available for sale through and other distributors.  A subsidiary of Universal Publishers.

BrownWalker Press  Publishes dissertations on demand for a fee (beginning at $49) and makes the dissertation available for sale through and other distributors.  A subsidiary of Universal Publishers.

Publishers' Addresses  An alphabetical listing, posted by The Chronicle of Higher Education, of publishers in the U.S.

UMI Dissertation Services   A product of Proquest, UMI publishes, archives, locates, and sells doctoral dissertations.  Publishes dissertations on demand for a fee and makes them available for sale through and other distributors.  A subsidiary of Universal Publishers.

WritersWorld  A British-based company that publishes dissertations for a fee (roughly $700) and makes the book available on demand in British, European, and most major American booksellers.

Xlibris  In partnership with Random House Ventures, Xlibris publishes print on demand and distributes through major booksellers.



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Promising Practices on Dissertations


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