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Obtaining a Ph.D.


These resources include discussion groups, articles, and websites that deal with preparing doctoral students to teach.  Many colleges and universities have centers devoted to instructional development: check with your institution to find out what resources are available locally.  Check through our collection of Promising Practices on Teaching to see if your institution offers any innovative pedagogical programs.  We rely on institutions' submissions to keep our collect of Promising Practices updated: if your institution has innovative mentoring practices but isn't represented here, they can be submitted at  


The Art of Teaching, Session 2: Using Portfolios to Improve and Evaluate Teaching (Science Next Wave)  Explains how to develop course portfolios, teaching portfolios, and gives links to various online resources for each.


H-Net Teaching  Offers discussion groups dealing with various types of teaching (high school, multimedia, high-tech, etc.) as well as links to syllabi, conference papers, and web-based teaching projects.

Learning How to Teach: How to Do It and Why You Want To (Science Next Wave)  Explains how to go about developing teaching skills, why those skills are important, and includes a list of links to related articles.

Postdoctoral Teaching: Opportunities and Resources  Links to teaching resources, especially those for postdocs.

Preparing Future Faculty, Teaching Resource Links  Offers links to a variety of teaching issues.  To subscribe to Preparing Future Faculty, a list that deals with preparing doctoral students for the professoriate, go to

Preparing Tomorrow's Teachers to Use Technology  This site helps teachers incorporate technology into their pedagogy, from K-12 to the university level.

Teaching (The Chronicle of Higher Education)  This regular page includes news, a syllabus column, colloquy, teaching resources, email updates, jobs, and related subjects.  See also The Adjunct Track.

Teaching Dossier Preparation (University of British Columbia)  Provides guidelines, suggestions and questions for putting together a teaching dossier.

Tools for Teaching (Center for Instructional Development and Research, University of Washington)  Lists many links to internet resources on topics related to teaching.


Promising Practices on Teaching


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