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Health Olympics Charts

Teen Births

Teen Births chart


Innocenti Report Card No. 3, July 2003.

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Educational Opportunities

Relative educational disadvantage chart


Innocenti Report Card No. 4, November 2002.


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Child Poverty Rates

Child Poverty Rates chart


Report Card No. 6 Child Poverty in Rich Countries 2005


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Child Abuse Death Rates

Child Abuse Death Rates chart


A league table of child maltreatment deaths in rich nations, Innocenti Report Card No. 5, September 2003.


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Child Injury Death Rates

Child Injury Death Rates chart


The table shows the annual number of deaths from maltreatment among children under the age of 15 years averaged over a five year period and expressed per 100,000 children in the age group. Data are for the most recent five year period during the 1990s for which information is available for each country.

Innocenti Report Card No.2, February 2001.


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These charts are all from the Innocenti Report Cards, UNICEF. Innocenti Research Centre, Florence..


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