EdgeWrite for Developers

Developers can build their own versions of EdgeWrite in about 10 lines of code. The EdgeWrite DLL is written in C# and can be used with any .NET language. It is fully documented with MSDN-like documentation built by NDoc.

EdgeWrite DLL

The EdgeWrite DLL supports both character-level and word-level stroking. Use WinZip to extract the contents of this download:

  Download version 3.0.5
  February 5, 2012

Download contents
EdgeWrite.dllThe C# DLL implementing EdgeWrite text entry.
EwDoc.chmThe MSDN-like doc file describing the DLL's API.
Charset.xmlThe EdgeWrite XML character set (for reference).
EdgeWrite.Test.exeA C# test program that exercises the DLL.
srcThe C# .NET 2.0 project and source code for the DLL.

Word-level Stroking (optional)

Word-level strokes are provided through a design called in-stroke word completion. In order to enable word-level strokes in Windows versions, two News.* data files must be loaded at run-time through the DLL. These data files are provided in the following separate download and should be put in the same directory as the DLL. (The word-level stroking file for the Palm OS version is included in the Palm download itself.)

  Download News.* files
  March 3, 2006

Download contents
News.vfreqThe vocabulary frequency file.
News.id3gramThe trigram frequency file.
MyWords.ufreqA user-defined vocabulary frequency file (optional).
README.txtA brief explanation of these files.