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Experiments include studies of respiratory and cardiovascular responses to these exposures.  Current studies are exploring the following hypotheses:

› Diesel Exhaust components (particulate or gaseous) exert oxidative stress resulting in an inflammatory response
› Inflammatory response is propagated either through response in lung or in systemic circulation
› Oxidative stress and inflammatory response result in endothelial dysfunction, with resulting acute and chronic vascular effects


UW DISCOVER Center for Cardiovascular Disease and Traffic-Related Air Pollution

NIH/NIEHS Grant Number: 1 P50 ES015915-01

Principal Invesgator: Joel Kaufman, MD, MPH

The center will include projects studying the following:
* The mechanism underlying vascular response in people exposed to diesel exhaust;
* Genetic modifiers on the effect of traffic-related air pollution on vascular response and atherosclerosis in a population;
* The role of systemic inflammation in the vascular response to diesel exhaust;
* The impact of diesel exhaust exposure on injury and cell death in heart muscle tissue;
* Reactive oxygen species and oxidative stress in the vascular response to diesel exhaust.

Michael Rosenfeld, professor of environmental & occupational health sciences and of pathology, is the deputy director of the center, and David Siscovick, professor of medicine and epidemiology, is the center's lead physician-scientist. The projects will be led by and will include several other UW faculty members.

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DISCOVER Project 4

DISCOVER Project 5