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Low Tide at Rueben Tarte, San Juan Island

Martha is very excited to have found C.exasperatus on the beach at a very low tide at Friday Harbor Labs


  • Range extends from British Columbia to Baja California along Eastern Pacific Coast.
  • Found in the low intertidal to high subtidal zones attached to rocks, generally about 5 to 10 meters in depth
  • Accessory pigments allow them to live in fairly low light environments successfully. Common in sheltered kelp forests.
  • Typically limited by space and rocky substrate
  • Locally found at Friday Harbor Labs in low intertidal or on dock tires, Rueben Tarte, and many other rocky low intertidial locations around San Juan Island.


Keys to the Algae and Seagrasses of Southeast Alaska, British Columbia, Washington and Oregon. Gabrielson et al. 2006. Number 7.