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Since spring of 2008, FHL Marine Botany classes have been inspired by the amazing webpages assembled by Judy Connor’s students at Hopkins Marine Station.  We decided to start own version to showcase the wild and wonderful flora of the San Juan Islands of Washington State. Each student chooses one species to research; their final web-based report includes information on it's taxonomy, habitat, morphology, life history, ecology, plus an extra feature showcasing something special to grab your attention. Roll your mouse over a smiling face and follow the link to learn about our favorite species in 2008 or 2009. We plan to expand this site with more student reports each spring, so check back often!

FHL Marine Zoology/Botany at Botanical Beach BC, Spring 2008

Bottom (L-R): Anthony D’Orazio, Kevin Turner (TA), Ricky Dooley, Megan Dethier (Professor), Amy Carlile (TA), Mego Huang, Ali Rhoades, Melissa Reeder, Skadi von Reis Crooks, Jessica Smith, Emily Carrington (Professor), Courtney. Top (L-R): Tiffany Stephens, Kristina Sawyer, Meegan Corcoran, Alex Hart (TA)

Not pictured: Korrin Keyser





FHL Marine Zoology/Botany at Botanical Beach BC, Spring 2009

Bottom Front (L-R): Tiffany Stephens (TA), Laura Elsberry, Max Maliska (TA), Travis Seaborn, Ben Shannon-Alferes, Noemi Ramirez, Kirsten Williams, Stewart. Bottom Back (L-R): Audrey Djunaedi, Kevin Britton-Simmons (Professor), Megan Dethier (Professor), Benjamin Weisgall, Emily Carrington (Professor), Courtney. Top (L-R): Andrea Dingeldein, Alex Croft, Megan Mach (TA), Emily Haug.




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