"That blue, shiny stuff"  
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Individual discovered in Friday Harbor, San Juan Island, WA


Fauchea laciniata can be found all along the west coast of North America, ranging from Prince William Sound, Alaska to Baja California, Mexico.  It generally lives in areas with a rocky substrate in the low intertidal to subtidal regions (Mondragon et al. 2003).  Locally, in the Puget Sound and San Juan Island area F. laciniata has a wide distribution. Specimens in the FHL Herbarium are from the following areas:

  • Port Townsend, WA
  • Canoe Island
  • Smith Island, Strait of Juan de Fuca
  • Cattle Point, San Juan Island
  • Straits of Juan de Fuca
  • Friday Harbor, San Juan Island







Mondragon, J. and J. Mondragon. Seaweeds of the Pacific Coast: Common Marine Algae from Alaska to Baja California. Monterey, California: Sea Challengers Publication, 2003.