Sea sac

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Photo of cluster of Halosaccion individuals taken at Botany Beach. Height of cluster approximately 4 cm. Although H. glandiforme is among the division Rhodophyta, the red algae, it is generally brownish yellow, though it can also be a purplish-red color

Microscopic view of cell surfaces of H. glandiformeShows the distribution of cells on the inner surface of the "sac" structure that comprises the bulk of the thallus of an individual H. glandiforme



Empire:  Eukaryota
Kingdom:   Plantae
Subkingdom:   Biliphyta
Phylum:   Rhodophyta
Subphylum:  Rhodophytina
Class:   Florideophyceae
Subclass:   Rhodymeniophycidae
Order:   Palmariales
Family:   Palmariaceae
Genus:   Halosaccion
Species:   glandiforme