sugar kelp  
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Habitat and Distribution

This picture is taken during low tides at Cattle Point, San Juan Island, WA.


Saccharina latissima is usually found in the lower intertidal and higher subtidal area, well below a band of Ribbon Kelp (Alaria marginata). It occurs both in protected waters and on the outer coast, yet it does not thrive in areas with more vigorous wave action. Saccharina Latissima, however, rarely appears in rock pools. This species usually occurs in sheltered conditions and may attach to unstable substrata such as clam shells.


Saccharina latissima is one of the most abundant brown algae in the world. Although it is distributed widely around the globe, it is cofined to the Northern hemisphere including the British Isles from the Shetlands to the Channel Islands, Europe (Portugal, Atlantic coasts of Spain and France, Netherlands, Helgoland, Baltic Sea, Norway, Sweden, Faroes, Jan Mayen and Bjornoya, Spitzbergen, Iceland and Greenland) and Atlantic coast of North America (Canada, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Connetricut and Long Island) and Pacific coast of North America from Alaska to California.

(Check Algabase for detailed distribution source)

Locally, Saccharina latissima has been found at Meadow Point, Davis Bay, Open Bay and Echo Bay on San Juan island, WA.


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