Specific hints for viewing movies:

1. Make sure you have enough disk space to download the movies. The movies average 2 MB and each one's size is printed next to its link. Your hard drive will need at least this much free space on it to download and play the movie.
2. QuickTime movie player extensions (which you need to have installeed to view QuickTime movies) can be downloaded from the Web. Most Macintosh computers come with QuickTime installed. If you do not have QuickTime, or would like to get QuickTime 4, download it for free here. Here are the sytem requirements for QuickTime:


Mac OS version 7.1 or higher

16 MB of RAM for PowerPC based Mac computers

8MB of RAM for 68K-based Macintosh computers

68K-based Macintosh computers must also support Color QuickDraw

Windows 95 or Windows NT 4.0
Any 486DX-based computer at 66Mhz or faster, any Pentium-based computer, or any MPC2 compliant PC

Sound Blaster Compatible Card
Installation of Direct X version 3.0 or higher is recommended for best performance
Installation of DirectDraw and DirectSound drivers is recommended for best performance

Most of FishScope's Movies are best viewed with QuikTime. QuickTime 4 is compatable with both Macintosh and PC computers.

3. For MPEG viewing with MPEGPlay on a PC, setting the dither to grey (256) gives the most accurate reproduction of our sequences. For MPEG information, and downloads for the PC click here.
4. For more general information on QuickTime movies, check out the QuickTime references at the Apple site listed above in #2. For instance, a Frequently Asked Questions about QuickTime (FAQ) list is available there.
5. You may need to download some audio/visual plug-ins from your browser.
  • If you are using Netscape, click here.
  • If you are using Microsoft Explorer, click here for Explorer Updates.









Last updated 3/16/00 (JAR)